Rainy Irish Pigeon and Crow Control - Video - The Shooting Show

Last week we saw Geoff Garrod bag 38 woodies in a downpour. Irishman Jason Doyle is next to face the challenge - and as it never stops raining in Ireland, it doesn't take him long to get the opportunity. Protected from the elements by Deerhunter's finest clothing, Jason is ready to keep the winged pests under control no matter what the weather - but how will he fare?

Andy Crow Shooting Pigeons with Shotkam Video

We are back in the pigeon hide, shooting pigeons. Andy Crow is protecting his pea crop and he has a ShotKam to help him do it.

Pigeon Decoying and Shooting Video in Wiltshire

In Wiltshire, deer stalker and syndicate shooter Rob Tilbury is testing out a new patch of ground. The first job is to clear up the pigeons, so grabbing his Browning shotgun and Eley Hi Flyer shells, he sets about the task. New ground never lends itself to massive bags, but we nevertheless get some shooting action on camera.

Shooting and Cooking Pigeon Gordon Ramsay Video

Some handy pigeon shooting and cooking tips and naturally Gordon Ramsay uses Sillosocks Pigeon Decoys to bring in the birds.

Shooting Pigeons over Decoys - Staffordshire - Video

In this episode of Team Wild's Varminators, Keith & Steve brave the snow and ice as they seek to knock a dent in the wood pigeon population before the spring planting season begins. Will their tactics pay off? Who will end up buying breakfast?

Top shots Andy Crow & Mark Winser versus the Pigeons Video

What's the perfect bird for a top clayshooter to shoot? Why, pigeons of course. Mark Winser (he who won the Range Rover at ROyal Berkshire Sooting School earlier in the year) accepts an invitation from Andy Crow to shoot pigeons in Kent. Joined by Dave Woollard (father of ace young shot Brody Woollard), they have a big day on the pigeons, decoying them in .

Irish Pigeon Shooting over Barley Video

This video is about Pigeon Shooting over Barley Rathcormac Gun Club Members were requested from one of our local landowners to do some pigeon shooting over barley.Wood pigeon can do a large amount of damage to tillage crops such as wheat, barley and oats as they come near to harvesting.

Pigeon shooting Video: Andy Crow's new flapper - Top Secret

Crow's on a mission to bring down pigeon numbers in Kent. He has new kit, a pigeon hide that would win an award at the Chelsea Flower Show and Ruby the dog ready to retrieve. We're also in Yorkshire where William Powell offers pheasant shooting on a grouse moore - we find out if it's the bets of both worlds. News Stump includes a review of the British Shooting Show plus the copper who tasered a deer. 'Hallo Charlie!' has a guest appearance by HuntersVermin. 

Old vs Young Pigeon Decoying Video - The Shooting Show

Geoff Garrod is on a decoying mission, but it's not the usual solo lark. He's joined by farmer Pete to double up on the pest control results - and as if that wasn't enough, Geoff's sons Justin and Josh are in the next field over having a shoot of their own. The stage is set for this generation game – can the youngsters show they've got the edge when it comes to pigeon decoying, or will experience prevail?

Andy Crow Pigeon Shooting Hunting over Cover Crops Video

Andy Crow is after pigeons. With the pheasant shooting season over, it is a good time to use cover crops to bring in the birds...

Wood Pigeon Hunting Ireland - Episode 1 - Video

Un gruppo di cacciatori toscani ospiti a Casa Rizzini a caccia di colombacci sulle stoppie di grano - Episodio 1 A party of tuscany's hunters guest of Casa Rizzini shooting wood pigeon over barley stubble - Episode 1 Un groupe de chasseurs toscanes invités à la Casa Rizzini chassant les pigeons sur les chaumes de céréales - Episode 1