Pigeon Shooting - Knowing Your Range - Video

We're hunting answers. Roy Lupton and Andy Crow get together to look into an age-old question. Does Mr Crow tell the truth when he says a shot on a pigeon was THIS long? Roy fields his rangefinder and locks on to the flying birds while Crow shoots them. See them settle one of the great unanswered questions of the sport.

Pigeon Hunting: How to Hunt Feral Pigeons Video

(note: flat lay-down silhouette decoys are no longer available) At Soar No More, we've been promoting pigeon hunting for a while now. But we always get asked the same questions: how do I get started, where do I find the pigeons, how do I set up the decoys, and what do I need to have with me. In this video, Neal explains the basics of hunting pigeons, and provides a few tips, and personal insight.

Pigeons Pigeons and more Pigeons - MOJO TV Pigeon Hunt Video Idaho

Team Mojo heads to Twin Falls Idaho to meet up with Neal Hunt of Soar-N0-More for a late summer pigeon hunt. Not only does this hunt offer some of the best wing shooting available anywhere in the US but really gets you tuned in for the upcoming Teal season.

Pigeon Shooting: Hunting woodpigeons over decoys - Video

Realtree Global Hunting joins Team Wild's very own Steve "Wildy" Wild and Big Steve with SPD Pest Control to take care of some pesky wood pigeons in the countryside of Derbyshire. These fowl have a habit of destroying crops and costing farmers thousands of pounds in damages each year, but our boys are back and taking care of the problem one shot at a time. Tune in to see how many of the birds the pair can bag and what techniques they utilise to lure them in and take them down.

Andy Crow & Co Pigeon Shooting Video

What happens when you put two of the UK's top shooting characters in a pigeon hide? You get a wrecked drone, a bad haircut, a great deal of abuse and 160 dead pigeons. Andy Crow and Mark Winser are protecting oilseed rape crops in Kent, and trying out new kit from Jack Pyke and Gamebore.

Sporting Pigeon Shooting Summer Tips and Tricks Video

Sporting Pigeon Shooting Summer Tips and Tricks Video

Pigeon Hunting with Dez Young and the SNM Crew Video

Dez Young ( Host of "Hunting with Hank") comes to Idaho to join Soar No More on an epic pigeon hunt.

Geoff Garrod shooting pigeons by the M11 Video

We've got one of our best ever pigeon packages for episode 176 of The Shooting Show. Geoff Garrod sets up in a classic field-edge location for a day at the pigeons. But there's a twist: This field edge borders a busy motorway. With safe shooting directions and quarry retrieval to think of, Geoff's got a lot on his plate - can he get a big bag regardless?

Pigeon Shooting with Steel Shot Video -

Pigeon Shooting with Steel Shot Video - Andy Crow

He shoots three pigeons in one go! The pressure is on Andy Crow to shoot woodpigeons. Roy Lupton wants lead-free pigeon meat to feed to his growing brood of goshawk and peregrine chicks