Double -Team Pigeons - Pigeon Shooting Video

Geoff Garrod's out on his ground and has brought a shooting buddy with him. It's 74-year-old Sid, a self-described fan of Geoff's work. But he's not just there for a lesson – the pair have got a serious job to do, controlling an ever-growing population of Columba palumbus with their shotguns and Eley Pigeon Select cartridges.

Crow Hits The Pigeons - Pigeon Shooting Video

Crow's on a mission to bring down pigeon numbers in Kent. He has new kit, a pigeon hide that would win an award at the Chelsea Flower Show and Ruby the dog ready to retrieve.

Border Pigeon Shooting Video - The Shooting Show

David Virtue is our host north of the border, and he has four guests and two days' pigeon shooting lined up to ensure a wealth of bird-blasting action for our cameras. With all the best kit at our disposal, and the crops scheduled to come off just in time for our arrival, we should be in for a treat if we get the hide in the right place -- and if the farmers don't spoil our plans by harvesting early!

Plentiful Pigeon Shooting with Geoff Garrod Video

Our cameras follow celebrity gamekeeper Geoff Garrod as he takes Eley Hawk's finest, Tomas Atienza, out after pigeons. Geoff is a seasoned pigeon shooter and has plenty of wisdom to share with Tomas. There are lessons to be learned from the initial set-up and decoying right through to taking the shot and picking up, but will the British weather make all Tomas' new found knowledge purely theoretical, or can they dodge the showers to rack up a sizable tally of pigeons?

Pigeon decoying with lofting poles Video

Andy Crow is out with his cousin Gary after pigeons feeding on the remains of a maize field. It's a bitterly cold day and Andy talks through the reasons for using high rise decoys plus the most efficient way of shooting as a pair in one hide. It's all about team work and timing.


During the summer months in PA. there are not a lot of things to hunt, but pigeon hunting allows you to keep your shotgun skills sharp in the off season. In this video the Trop staff use a Benelli SBE II, Remington Versa Max, and a Mossberg 930 JM to take down the local pigeon population.

Pigeon and Crow Control Scotland Video

This week on The Shooting Show, we’ve got a decoying day at both crow and pigeon lined up in the Scottish Borders. David Virtue sets his clients the task of corvid control on some spring barley fields. Meanwhile Byron Pace is behind the camera and Edan Annand is back again with his semi-auto – but things don’t all go to plan. Adaptability is crucial to secure a big bag, and David Virtue must rely on all his tricks to aid the team.

Pigeon Shooting Triple Bill - Pigeon Hunting Video

In Wiltshire, Rob Tilbury is at the pigeons once more. Last time we saw him, it was a frustrating day - so he's determined to make amends by taking us to no fewer than three locations. Ever the pigeon perfectionist, Rob is insistent on getting the pattern just right and the hide even more so - but will it pay off?

Flower Power Pigeon Hunt Video

What attracts woodpigeons to pretty lupins? Andy Crow doesn't know - but he knows they are flying in and damaging this crop, so he is out to shoot them. Here's how to decoy a flower field.

Rock Pigeon shooting in Africa by Sunrise productions Video

Rock Pigeon shooting in South Africa with Bruce Scott and Marty Fissher. For more shotgun shooting around the world.

New kit for pigeons over peas - it takes CrowHow! - Video

Andy Crow has a bag full of new kit to take pigeon shooting. He has just planted his peas and the pigeons are feasting. He is hoping for a bag of 200 pigeons - but only if the kit does its jobs.

Farmland Pigeon Control - Pigeon Hunting Shooting Video

Heading to East Yorkshire, director Pete Carr sets up a pigeon control mission with hide and deeks - but he's forced to relinquish the reins to Shep. On his first solo shooting foray on The Shooting Show, it's time for Shep to show what he's made of, and use his Benelli semi-auto to get as many pigeons on the ground as possible..

Kansas Pigeon Hunting Video

Nathan True stumbles across a big pigeon feed so a few of the guys decide to give pigeon hunting a try. They ended up shooting 208 pigeons and most of the shooting took place in a 30 minute time span!

pigeon shooting the Irish way Video - The Shooting Show

We head over the Irish Sea to catch up with Jason Doyle and his buddy Stephen as they try to save rape and barley from some pesky pigeons. Jason has a century of birds in his sights and Stephen hopes to match him from a separate hide but with the pigeons wise to the decoys at this time of year, the challenge is on.