Sporting Shooter’s ultimate pigeon shooting App

Coming soon: a free pigeon shooting app by Sporting Shooter, with product information, advice from Editor Dom and top tips from Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow!

The upcoming Sporting Shooter pigeon shooting App will be the one-stop-shop for all your pigeon shooting needs.

The App is built around all the kit you need for a successful day’s pigeon shooting, from guns and ammo to clothing and decoys, with links to take you directly to the website of each product so you can make your purchase without ever leaving the comfort of your sofa (or hide!).

Sporting Shooter Editor Dom Holtam will introduce each section by explaining why the items are important – ever wondered why semi-autos are most popular with pigeon shooters? – and recommend his top buys, while famous pigeon shooting guru Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow will list some of his top tips to help you get the best out of your kit.

There will be information on the best guns, clothing, hide equipment, shooting vehicles, ammunition and decoys, from all the top names in shooting, such as A1 Decoy, Browning®, Highland Outdoors, Jack Pyke and The Pigeon Shooter.

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