Summer Pigeon Shooting - Video

From spring oil seed rape, through laid cereals, harvest stubbles and winter drillings, the months of summer offer the pigeon shooter a huge variety of challenges
and opportunities. This programme is a comprehensive guide to the key situations and conditions that the decoyer will find as the season develops from spring to summer and autumn.

Complete with in-depth analysis of conditions and graphic representation of set-ups this video will add
considerably to the knowledge of the shooter who wants to make the most all the summer has to offer.
Peter Theobald is a renowned pigeon shooter with 30 years + experience of pitting his wits against this most exciting quarry. A farmer based in Essex he is also an established author on the subject. His book The Woodpigeon remains required reading for pigeon shooters while his monthly pigeon shooting articles for Sporting gun put him at the centre of the issues affecting the sport.

The wood pigeon provides some of the most exciting and sporting shooting there is. As a truly wild quarry it is the shooters sole responsibility to give the bird and the sport the respect it deserves to safeguard tomorrows shooting.

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