Sporting Scene - Pigeon Shooting 1 - Video

Pigeon shooting continues to grow in popularity as more and more sporting shooters realise the supreme tests of field craft and marksmanship that the bird can offer. For newcomers to the sport, as well as those shooters looking for hints and tips that will give them an edge in field.
From spring oil seed rape, through laid cereals, harvest stubbles and winter drillings, the months of summer offer the pigeon shooter a huge variety of challenges and opportunities. For the majority of pigeon shooters, consistent winter sport means tackling the challenges of the winter crops - and if there is one crop that counts it is oil seed rape. Widely grown across the UK, it sustains the pigeon population when little else is available. This programme tackles a range of situations presented by oil seed rape when huge flocks of pigeon can decimate a field as the short days force them to feed voraciously. With a truly comprehensive and illustrated range of tips and techniques to tackle oil seed rape, the video also covers the opportunities that early drilled cereals present as winter turns to spring.
The wood pigeon provides some of the most exciting and sporting year round shooting there is. As a truly wild quarry it is the shooters sole responsibility to give the bird and the sport the respect it deserves to safeguard tomorrows shooting. Pinewood Sporting - one of the countrys largest suppliers of specialist shooting and decoying equipment. Committed to continual innovation and research on production techniques and materials.

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